Cow Dog again – Smudge

smudge near our peak district dog friendly cottages

Me getting in one of the stragglers

Yesterday I got my chance once again to show just how good a cow dog I am. Andrew (the farmer) was away at a cow thing so me and master went off from our cottages (click here) to help get the cows in for milking. What we hadn’t been told is where they were. They were in four fields stretching from one side of the farm to the other so we had to walk (well I ran Master walked) all the way to the bottom field where I started getting the slower bunch in. Once they were in we walked all the way to the top of the fields near our drive and started getting them in. Luckily they know me by now so I don’t get any lip from them. A well practiced collie stare and they start heading in. Now I have got the hang of  of this cow thing master doesn’t have to do a great deal. I just need to keep checking him that we are going in the right direction and get on with it. I did get distracted a few times. Well you do don’t you. Its those swallows. It is just too tempting to chase them. After all I am a dog.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Lazy days!

I don’t suppose Idiot Brother told you about his last escapade. No. I didn’t think he would have done. Last Saturday he was found wondering along the road at the bottom of our fields. What he was doing there I have no idea. He knows we are not allowed on the road. And he has never been there before. So what was he doing? Our best  guess is that he had somehow gone into a field  and then found that he was trapped as there were now cows between him and home (he won’t go through a field with cows in it) and had decided the best way home to jump over the wall and walk along the road. Idiot! Luckily someone stopped and put him in their car and brought him back. I was all for letting them keep him. Why should we put up with him? He is nothing but trouble .

Anyone want a second hand Collie? Only one careful owner. Partially trained.  Problems – total idiot.



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