Confined to Barracks – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me out for an amble -

Just because master is re-mortaring the steps in front of reception at our cottages (click here) means we are confined to the house.  Something about us getting in the way and putting our paws in the mortar.  I tried it once and he really did seem to get annoyed.  They do hand prints in Hollywood. What is wrong with paw prints at Bolehill?

Smudge was traumatised this afternoon. Masters PC backup power supply started to beep.  For some reason he gets very upset and starts shaking whenever the beeping starts.  I think, he thinks it is about to thunder and lightening as that is when it often happens.  If it does start thundering we can usually find him curled up in a dark corner somewhere quivering – stupid dog.  Me – I am brave but stick close to master just in case.

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