Christmas time -Smudge


smudge at our peak district cottages

Anything for a treat!

I love Christmas. Well I love all the food being around, even if it doesn’t usually come my way. Mistress has been busy buying things and even remembered some ‘special’ treats for us when she went to the farmers market yesterday. Our treats seemed a bit inconsequential compared with all the treats she seems to have bought herself (master just gets what he is given the same as us). Loads of mince pies and other little treats have been heading into our peak district cottages for our guests. Even treats for dog guests (I wish I could find out where she hides these treats). A few guests arrived yesterday with some more coming today and tomorrow. Hopefully there are loads of dogs as I always manage to scrounge the odd scrap from guests with dogs or even a full dinner if the dog is looking the other way. As long as our guest remember that Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving, I should be ok!

christmas at our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

Matches my eyes?

Master has had another bought of ‘man flu’. Its a bit suspicious that he always seems to get ‘man flu’ when there are lots of things to do. Well I suppose it gets him out of the way and lets mistress get on with things. We try and help where we can. Well I try and help and idiot brother just gets in the way. Not that anyone ever seems to be  grateful for my help. It is usually “Smudge you are in the way”. Well of course I am, I am here to help.  I could be chief taster or sampler. I would be good at that.

Master and idiot brother seem to have finished over at Buxton or at least I am having to put up with idiot brother being around a lot more. I had forgotten just how annoying he can be.  Most of the last few months I have been able to get a good few hours duvet time in an afternoon but now with him back I get disturbed every 10 minutes or so with him barking at something or nothing.

Mistress and Masters friends are arriving today so hopefully we will get some walks in over the Christmas period.

smudge looking for food at our pet friendly holiday cottages

I am sure there is food here somewhere



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