Christmas and all that – Smudge

smudge at our  pet friendly holiday cottages

Do I have to play!

Its still a bit cold here at ourcottages (click here) so I am still keeping a careful eye on the fire (and the duvet). Unfortunately we do get thrown outside every now and then. Master and Mistress have had a few days off and their friends came over for Christmas. Their friend is allergic to us so we usually get banished to the kitchen which is hardly fair when it is so cold and there is an ample supply of tit-bits around. Luckily he did not seem to be quite as bad as he used to be, so we were allowed in the lounge for some of the evenings. I personally think he is allergic to idiot brother rather than me. After all its not me doing all the running around and jumping all over people. I just lie by the fire keeping my head down.

Smude at Chatsworth House near our peak district cottages

Me at Chatsworth near the frozen waterfall

We got taken for a very cold walk round Chatsworth just before Christmas. Mistress wanted to see the Christmas decorations in the house.  In the  garden all the waterfalls and cascade etc were frozen which shows how cold it has been. We didn’t get to see round the house as they don’t allow dogs. Well I can’t blame them for not allowing idiot brother in but I don’t see why I couldn’t have gone in to keep warm. Anyhow mistress enjoyed it (have a look at master’s YouTube video) . Of course on the way home  Mistress  made us  stop off at the Chatsworth farm Shop – just so see what there was on special offer! I don’t know why, as we never seem to get anything from there. I don’t think they do dog food and the chance of us getting some proper meat is a bit thin on the ground.

On Christmas Day we all walked down to the Lathkil pub for a pre Christmas lunch drink. We had to sit outside while they went into the nice warm bar.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Us making helpful suggests about where the scraps could go.

Why do people think dogs are happy sitting outside in the cold. I wasn’t!

On Boxing Day we went for a nice long walk over to Youlgrave via Over Haddon. This is the walk where idiot brother hurt his paw during the summer. No such luck this time. We did quite well at lunch time although with all the spare food around I am sure there could have been a lot more for us.

A few of our dog friends have gone today but a few more have arrived so that is OK.

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