Chatsworth and Buxton – Blue

Blue in Buxton near our peak district cottages

Looks Interesting

For once I have had quite an interesting week. On Friday master asked me to go over to our Buxton house to help him with some painting and outside work. Well as I had nothing on that day, at our cottages (click here), I agreed to go. He is getting quite behind over there, so every little helps. Unfortunately it didn’t start well as when I arrived I brushed past a newly painted white gloss door. No one told me it had just been painted! It made a right mess of my coat which no one was interested in. They were just interested in the number of MY hairs that had stuck to the door.

blue at buxton

Let me help

Well there is gratitude for you. I break into my busy schedule  to come and help and all I get is yelled at for something that wasn’t my fault. It didn’t go too badly after everyone had calmed down.  Lunch was a bit disappointing I am not too keen on Kentucky chips. I suppose I could have taken them back to Smudge as he would certainly have eaten them.

On Sunday we all had a day out at Chatsworth to see the sculptures which can be a bit boring but as it was such a nice day it wasn’t too bad.

Blue at chatsworth near our peak district cottages

Me at Chatsworth

It was, however, a bit of a pain being with master though (we have to be on our leads in Chatsworth) as he still fancies himself as a photographer. So every few minutes we have to stop for him to take a photo. I thought mistress was bad but he is impossible. As there are always loads of dogs at Chatsworth we had fun talking to a few of them. After walking round the gardens and sculptures  for a few  hours we had to take mistress for an early afternoon tea (she had already had an ice-cream in the gardens). We were then left in the car for a snooze while they went round the house. Well Smudge snoozed and I kept an eye out for anything suspicious going on (its part of my security training). We had already seen off a couple of balloons and they can sneak up on you if you are not 100% on the ball. Talking of things sneaking up on you. Is anyone else having problems with Squirrels (I know Pudpud is). They are no fun at all. You start chasing them, then the next thing you know they have gone up a tree. What is the fun in that. I am a dog not a cat. How am I supposed to get up a tree. Why can’t they run along the ground like all proper animals do. Then you can have some fun chasing them.

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