Carsington water walk – Smudge

smudge at out pet friendly cottages

Just one lick - Please!

Sunday was another beautiful day at our peak district cottages.  As the snowdrops are now out mistress wanted to go down to Hopton Hall to do our yearly pilgrimage to see their snowdrops. The bad news with this excursion is that they don’t like Dogs. Why I have no idea. Its a garden why shouldn’t dogs be allowed in a garden. They allow children in surely they can make more of a mess than us. Especially well behaved dogs like us (well me, I am not sure about idiot brother)! Anyway we were dragged off to Hopton Hall in the CAR which was bad enough then we were left in the CAR for hours and hours while mistress dragged master round the gardens. The good news is that when they got back it was decided we would go a walk from a visitors car park on Carsington Water round to the Visitors Centre. We have never done this walk before so we were looking forward to it until we realized we would have to be on our leads the entire time.

Hopton hall near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Hopton Hall

Why? It was a footpath like lots of others but  It was also a bit busy which didn’t make master any happier. Anyhow it was a nice day and mistress seemed to enjoy the views across the reservoir.  When we go to the Visitors Centre mistress decided it was sunny enough for an ice-cream. We  haven’t had an ice-cream for years so though it might be our lucky day but oh no it was just an ice-cream for mistress. So we had to sit in the sun watching her slowly devour her massive cone. I am sure there would have been sufficient to share a bit with us. The walk back was a bit quieter and as there was less ‘stopping to admire the view’ we were back in no time.

Carsington water near our pets welcome holiday cottages

Carsington Water

Its all a bit strange around here at the moment. Idiot brother disappears everyday with master, leaving me in charge of security. Where they go is beyond me and no one ever tells me anything. All I know is that they go off in the morning in the car and don’t get back till late afternoon. Leaving me in peace and tranquility for the entire day. It is rather quiet without idiot brother around.


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