Boring Gardens again – Smudge

Smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in one of the Gardens

OK I am a dog and I am supposed to like gardens. And I do. But only when they are big open spaces and we can run around them. Pretty little gardens just don’t do it for me. Idiot brother didn’t seem too disinterested but then he had master looking after him so each garden took a couple of minutes. I had mistress which meant we had to look at every flower, every tree, every stone and even the weeds.  Worse still we had to be on our best behaviour because ‘they weren’t our gardens’.  Not even a treat this time. Just a pat and  a sticker on my head. Surely a sticker is worth at least one treat? I was an advertising hording.

Smudge in bakewell

Me leading mistress down some steps

I think I heard mistress saying this was the last set of gardens this year. We had been hoping for a walk from our Bakewell cottages  but as mistress thought the weather looked a bit iffy she decided that we would look round the Bakwell open gardens instead. I tried to suggest that we could be left to look after the cottages but of course idiot brother was all for going. I knew it was going to be bad when I saw the short leads coming out. Its never good when the short leads are to be used.

Looking towards bakewell Church near our cottages

One of the gardens with a view of Bakewell church

Mistress seemed to enjoy it and as usual we had to stop for an afternoon tea at one of the little cafes in Bakewell. At least we didn’t get left in the car as we could sit with them in the outside courtyard and watch all the food go past. Why they won’t let dogs into cafes I don’t know. Just think of all those scraps we could help get rid of. Very environmentally friendly solution if you ask me.

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  1. You should come to my garden… is muddy, and has scum of chewed toilet rolls, plastic bottles littered all over it and lots of holes. There is nothing better than my mistress coming out of her kennel, seeing the mess I have made and the squeak that she makes. She sounds like my toy duck before I ate the squeak…..

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