Bit of a boring Week – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly cottages

Go Away!

Its been a bit of a boring week at our cottages (click here). Great! I love boring weeks! None of this rushing about thing. Just time to snuggle up in a corner and get a bit of shut eye.  I did get dragged down town by Mistress but it wasn’t too bad although she reckons I disgraced her. How was I to know we were in a different card shop to normal?  How many card shops can there be? I just thought the kind lady was offering me some food (as I used to get in a card shop). Well what else am I suppose to do other then jump up to the counter to take it. I thought I was showing gratitude. As it turns out she was just giving some change to Mistress and it was the wrong shop. A mistake any of us could make.

In the middle of the week Master had a bit of trouble helping move some cows. Instead of asking me to help, he and the farmer decided to do it themselves. There were cows all over the place. I could have sorted them out in seconds but oh no they knew better. Well at least I didn’t have to do a load of running about.

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Why me?

Master seems to keep disappearing off somewhere with a car load of tools. Luckily he tends to take idiot brother with him so I get a nice day of peace.  The other advantage is I can do the ‘bonding’ bit with mistress which basically means I get more treats. I presume one day someone will let me know what is going on. Idiot brother got left behind today and he wasn’t happy at all. I assume master has at long last noticed just what a pain he is and left him at home. The bad news was I had to put up with him.


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