Birchen Edge Walk – Smudge

Me on Birchen Edge

Me on Birchen Edge

Another fine day and another walk. Once again we got away from Bolehill Cottages relatively early and managed to park without difficulty at the Robin Hood car park before heading out to Birchen Edge. We were let of our leads almost immediately so we could go off and explore. We have done this walk before so even master was unlikely to get lost. But just in case, we made sure they were on the right track. As usual idiot brother disgraced us by having to be put on his lead to go through some cows. OK they did have horns and were very big but we have come across these type of cows before (Highland) and they are softies really. But oh no idiot brother had to make a scene and would have been over the wall and far away if master had not put him on his lead.

At Wellington's monument

At Wellington’s monument

Anyway after that little scene we didn’t encounter any other livestock and so had a relatively peaceful walk. As usual we had to do a lot of  ‘stopping to admire the view’ by mistress but we are use to that by now. We (or rather they) did, however, manage to get lost or to be more precise to use the wrong footpath. I tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen to me.  So we all had to walk a bit further than had been anticipated.

We didn’t do too badly for lunch. A few crust ends etc is better than we normally get. Of course at the end of the walk we had to stop for mistress’s afternoon tea. You can see our walk if you have a look at Birchen Edge walk (master has also added some pictures to give you some idea of the views etc).

When we got home we had to suffer master giving us our periodic coat trim (more like a hack than a trim). Well you want to see what he has done to idiot brother. I will let him explain in his next blog but needless to say Master is not coming near me with those scissors again. Mistress was furious and idiot brother was not very happy either (he is still walking around with a lop sided ear).

We had some fun a few days ago. One of our guests was flying a kite and accidentally let it go. The kite flew away and in the end the string got caught in the overhead electrical cables but the kite carried on flying. Mistress had to call out the Electricity company to come and cut it down. Once cut down the kite fluttered down to earth 3 or 4 fields away so me and master went to collect it. Idiot brother should have been with us but of course we had to go through some cows so he didn’t dare and went home. Me and master found the kite. Well actually master found the kite as I was a bit preoccupied with a few hares and crows that needed chasing. All the way back he kept grumbling at me for not retrieving it. Well that is no surprise I am not a retriever. I am a collie and collies round things up, not retrieve them. Any dog can retrieve things, that’s easy. But it takes skill and cunning to round things up which is probably why idiot brother is useless at it (well that and the fact he is scared of most things).

Admiring the view

Admiring the view


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