Balloons! A serious threat. – Smudge

Balloon from our peak district cottages

The Balloon Threat -

Its that time of year again at our Peak District Cottages.  Loads of Balloons seem to be coming our way.  I think they do it just to annoy us.  Master and Mistress say they launch them from Bakewell show ground and they seem to enjoy just watching them but they don’t understand the serious threat they pose to our territory. We (me and idiot brother) have managed to chase away at least 4 in the last few days but they do keep coming back.   Yesterday one flew down the entire length of the Dale (Lathkill).  We kept a careful eye on it to make sure it didn’t come any closer.

Now it is getting warmer it is pleasant just sitting in our courtyard watching the world go by.  Even idiot brother is behaving himself.  We have had loads of dog friends staying over the last few days and we have been allowed out to play with them in our fields.

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