Bakewell Show – Blue

blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

'How much more boring can it get'

The Bakewell Show is a yearly occurrence and as it is only a few minutes from our cottages (click here) we go every now and then. This was one of those years.  Amazingly we were off by about 9:15. We are usually a lot later as mistress needs to do this and then master needs to do that – it all seems to take forever. Anyway this time we were taken by surprise as everyone was ready early. So after enticing Smudge into the car we drove down to the outskirts of town then walked down the hill to the show ground. It was very busy and even more boring than I remember from last time.  Mistress is bad enough when we are out for a walk but at a show it is stop/start stop/start ALL the time. Nowhere to play or run around. I suppose there were quite a few dogs that we had a chat with and the Dog Show looked interesting even if master wanted to put us into the scruffiest mutt category.

Shirley at the Bakewell Show

Mistress in her element

I must admit all the dogs in the show did look a bit well groomed. We prefer to have the ‘working’ dog look. One of our friends (a whippet) who is staying in our pet friendly cottages was showing. She came second in her class (whatever that is). The worst part was when mistress wanted to go and see the show cattle. Why? Don’t we have enough cows in our own fields. Anyway once I realised where we were going that was it. I wasn’t going in there and just sat down and refused to budge. Master had to take us outside and let mistress wander around on her own.  Later we went in to see the goats . They were OK.  They seemed a happier lot than those sheep things. Anyhow thank goodness that is over for another year. Mistress enjoyed it and master seemed happy with looking at the big boys toys but we could have had more fun chasing swallows at home.

pet friendly cottages near bakewell

Our friend receiving her award

One thing that really annoyed us was one of the many pet shop stalls was giving away free food samples. As you can imagine Smudge was there like a shot. They asked mistress our age and than handed her a ‘single’ (not two – one each) sachet of  ‘Senior’ dog food. We are only 7 we don’t have a bus pass (do dogs get a bus pass) so why the senior bit. We (well me) are in the prime of our youth. So not only did we only get one sample between two of us, they also insulted us. I won’t be eating their food (Smudge probably will as he will eat anything).

On the way back to the car we had to stop at one of the many tea shops in Bakewell for Mistress’s afternoon tea.  We sat outside in the shade and the owner was very kind and brought us a bowl of water.  I think Smudge thought it was food but all the same we were very grateful.  Then it was the steep climb back up to the car.

(Master says he has posted some more photos of the show on our new Facebook Fan page at

In the evening we decided we would have a barbecue. The first this year. Well when I say we, I mean Mistress and Master had a barbecue and we just sat around savouring the smells and hoping.  It was a glorious evening and we managed to have a game of chase the balloon for half an hour or so.

cheases at the Bakewell show

Good job Smudge wasn't allowed in this tent

A bull at the bakewell show

Glad I didn't have to go near him

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