Bad Paw – Blue

Blue in Shaklow Wood one mile from our peak district cottages

Me waiting for the rest to catch up -

I managed to hurt my front leg the other day (probably when I was running from one of those cows at our cottages (click here)).  It was sore for a few hours and I was limping. However, when I found out how much attention I got, I decided to prolong the limping.  It worked for a few days until I kept forgetting to limp.  I think I fooled mistress as I kept getting little treats and extra dinner.  I don’t think master was impressed.  On Saturday I decided I had better make a quick recovery as the word ‘walk’ was used and I am sure I heard master say that they would leave me behind if my leg wasn’t better. Well suddenly it got better. No more limping.

Well dressing in Ashford in the water

Well Dressing Ashford-in-water

Sunday – off we went on a walk directly from our peak district cottages – over to Sheldon then down to  Ashford-in-the -Water and back to Sheldon and home.  As usual mistress had to keep stopping to ‘admire the view’ and in Ashford we got dragged round the Well Dressings (see picture – they are made out of flower petals etc.)  We even had to stop off at one of mistresses friends for a ‘cup of tea’ (we got water).  Then on again up the Wye Valley towards Shacklow Woods, stopping for a quick picnic.  Again all we got was water.  After lunch we went into the woods for a while before  we had to go up 100s of steps to get the the top of the dale (see picture of me).  This nearly killed mistress.  She is still complaining  about her legs.  We didn’t think it was that bad but then we are in permanent four wheel drive.  From the top of the dale we walked back across to Sheldon where mistress was hoping for a cream tea (they usually put them on in the village hall at bank holidays).  Here we go we thought.  A bowl of water while they have an afternoon tea.  However, when we go there it was all closed – Ah! Maybe they didn’t do them this year.  On the way back across our local fields Smudge found a hare we could chase.  We nearly got it – well we would have done if it had run slower.  All in all a good day out and my leg feels fine!

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