Bad day with cows – Blue

Blue at our peak distict pet friendly holiday cottages

Me checking on building progress

They’r back.  I thought I had got rid of the cows for this year from our cottages (click here) fields. I thought they had all been moved round to the ‘promised land’ but they seem to have been let back into OUR front field again.  Soon be winter, then we can be rid of them.  Mistress won’t be happy. For some reason she seems to like having the damn things around.  Smudge of course just ignores them – too stupid to realise how vicious they can be.  I will bide my time. At least they can’t get at me in the garden.

The weekend was a non event. Master and mistress were doing their ‘Tax Returns’.  This is always bad, as master is always gets grumpy when he is doing these. So we kept a low profile and tried not to annoy him too much. This was a bit difficult as Smudge kept trying to get me into trouble but we survived the day.

The new Laundry at Bolehill peak district cottages

The new Laundry area

Mistress’s Laundry building work is progressing.  The roof has started to go on, so it won’t be long before we have a finished building.  Today they bashed a hole in the wall into OUR room.  It looked for a while as though we were going to have a cold night but luckily the builder has blocked up the hole with some insulation. I assume a bigger hole will appear tomorrow when they knock the door out so we can get into the new shower/toilet area.

Building work at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Building work on the new Laundry

Building work at our peak district cottages

Building work on the new Laundry

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