Back to the day job – Smudge:

Near Sheldon and our pet friendly cottages

Me at Magpie Mine

On Wednesday I was back to helping get in the cows for milking, for the farm opposite to Bolehill Cottages. I had forgotten how easy it is. We all went down to the farm but of course we had to leave idiot brother in the car as he is scared of cows. Before we started I had a long chat with some of the cows, just to let them know I was back on the job. I think most of them remembered me from last year, so they knew I wouldn’t stand for any messing about. It only took a few minutes to get them all in so I obviously haven’t lost my touch. OK Mistress and Master helped a little bit and I did loose concentration a few times but after a yell from Master I was back onto the job at hand.

Asford in the water well dressing

Me at Ashford in the water

Last Sunday we went for a walk over to Sheldon, down through Shacklow woods and back up Deep Dale before returning to Sheldon and back home. It was interesting watching Mistress descending the steep slope in the woods (well she seemed to think it was steep – we couldn’t see what the problem was). As we know this walk well we were off our leads most of the time. We (they)  stopped for lunch just before the descent through the woods at a nice spot where Mistress could ‘admire the view’. A very skimpy lunch for us – no surprise there then! On returning to Sheldon of course we had to stop for Mistress’s afternoon tea at the village hall.

Last Saturday evening we got dragged round Ashford in the Water and Monyash Village well dressings. I seem to remember that we had to do the same thing last year. They looked exactly the same to me and they were still not editable. So why we had to go again this year is anyone’s guess.

Smudge near our pet friendly cottages

Me on the way to Sheldon

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