Back in our room – Smudge

Thank goodness. We are, at long last, back in OUR room at our peak district cottages. It’s still a bit worrying that our food isn’t back where it is supposed to be but I am a bit happier now I know where mistress has taken it to.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Not too sure about this!

Our room has been transformed.  Instead of a cramped, cozy, ‘lived in’ feel room we now get a bright, airy uncluttered, paint smelling room (with en-suite). I was much happier with our old room but I suppose things have to move on. Mistress seems delighted with the new look room and I suppose we will grow into it.  A few careful muddy shakes here and there should make it feel more like our old home. I do rather like our new duvet though.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Ok. Its not too bad!

Its been fascinating watching master over the last few weeks. We don’t often get the opportunity to be with him all day (he is usually working in or around the cottages or at his computer).  He does get very annoyed when things don’t go the way he wants them to. He also seems to get very annoyed with me if I hang around a bit too closely. I am just interested to see what is going on. After all it is our home too.

We all went along to see the snowdrops at Hopton Hall last week.

Hopton Hall near our Peak District cottages

Snowdrops at Hopton Hall

Well when I say we, it turns out that they don’t allow dogs round the grounds, so we (idiot brother and me) had to stay in the car. I didn’t mind too much except for the incessant woofing by idiot brother whenever someone passed the car. I could have got a good nap in but for him. Mistress seemed to enjoy the snowdrops anyhow.

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