Apple picking – Blue

Picking Apples at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Picking apples

For the first time ever we have had loads of apples on our apple tree at our cottages (click here). Usually there are one or two but this year there are loads.  Unlike, thanks to master, our plum tree that has no plumbs at all this year (but we don’t talk about that). This afternoon Andrew and Joanna came up to pick ‘some’ Apples but went away with 7 carrier bags full. We of course helped. Well actually I watched and Smudge found an apple to eat and munched happily away on it which got mistress a bit worried.  Apparently Apples (less pips) are good for us. I personally found them revolting. Give me a good old fashioned treat any day but of course Smudge will eat anything.


Blue at our peak district cottages

Me with MY apple

This morning was all a bit traumatic. The power went off before everyone was up and about. All sorts of master’s computer equipment started beeping etc. Now I am not exactly a timid dog (except for cows, sheep, large dogs, anything big, the odd napkin etc.) but I do find that beeping sounds get to me. Probably because Smudge completely looses it when things go beep. But then Smudge can be scared of his own shadow (unless there is food around). Luckily master came down soon after and let us out and turned off all the beeps. The power was off for about an hour but that was bad enough. Then what happens? They leave me with Smudge while they go off to Buxton to see a ‘Craft Fair’. We could have gone too! Or better still I could have gone and left Smudge behind. They hadn’t been gone more than an hour and it all happened again. The lights went off, the radio (for some reason mistress leaves it on for us) went off  and the beeping started again. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes and everything came back to normal. Smudge went back to sleep and I continued with my security duties.  I was, however, very glad when they got back. They really shouldn’t leave us (well not me anyway). I am sure there must be some European Dog’s Rights Act that says we shouldn’t be left alone.

Picking apples at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Team Effort

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  1. “I am sure there must be some European Dog’s Rights Act that says we shouldn’t be left alone” quite right Blue but can you afford a lawyer. :-)

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