Another set of Gardens – Smudge

Smudge in a Bakewell garden near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in ANOTHER garden

Its been quite an uneventful week at our cottages (click here).  The builder has been forging ahead with mistresses extension and we have had friends coming and going but nothing particularly exciting.  Master has been grumbling about the cost of the extension – so no change there  (I think it is because he is a Yorkshireman).

Today started off a bit wet so we all wondered if we would get out at all.  The afternoon looked fine so mistress announced we were going down to look round the Bakewell open gardens. Me and idiot brother just looked at each other – MORE GARDENS. Well at least we will get to be taken out.

Smudge in a Bakewell garden near our pet friendly holiday cottages

I am sure I saw it move

Haven’t we done enough gardens this year? So off we went in the CAR. As usual with gardens there is a lot of stopping for mistress to ‘admire views etc’. Very boring.  When we had finished with the gardens it was decided that we had to take mistress for afternoon tea.  So into the main part of town we went.  For a moment I thought we might be going to my favourite shop.

Our extension at our pet friendly cottages - bolehill farm

Progress with the extension

They always used to give me a doggy treat (or two) every time I went in. Mistress says the shop is under new ownership. But that doesn’t stop them handing out treats does it? But NO.  They wouldn’t let me in to find out. As usual we had to sit by while mistress and master had a very nice looking tea and cake at our usual spot in Bakewell.  Then it was back home in time for a bit of swallow chasing in the front fields. I guess it won’t be long before they head south for warmer climates leaving us here to chase the crows (which aren’t as much fun at all).

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