Another Quiet Week – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

All I get is an empty Box!

Luckily idiot brother has, once again, been away most of the week with master over at the Buxton house. He still thinks he is helping but I am sure he is just getting in the way and being a general pain. He seems to enjoy it as he is always eager to get in the car to go with master. Me? I prefer to stay at home with Mistress. We go out for the odd walk around our cottages (click here) fields and pop down town to get the shopping. But generally I get to spend most of the time on my duvet which is where I like to be. I did get dragged over to Chesterfield, to do some shopping, but without idiot brother in the car at least I could stretch out on the back seat. I also didn’t get all the annoying barking every time someone passed by the car when we were parked up. I did notice that there was a sad lack of anything to eat  amongst mistress’s shopping which was a bit of a disappointment.

inside at our peak district pet friendly cottages

Just checking the fire.

Its getting a bit colder around here so mistress has started lighting the fire in an evening. I love the fire. I can get all toasty on one side and if I am lucky mistress will come in and turn me over to do my other side (its all a bit of an effort to turn over myself). Unfortunately idiot brother is around in the evenings so it isn’t quite as peaceful as during the day but with luck he is in masters study so I get the fire to myself. With all the rain it has been a bit muddy in our fields which inevitably means we have to be washed down when we come in. Why do humans always wash us in cold water? They don’t get hosed down with freezing cold water and told to take it ‘Like a Dog’. No! They get a nice hot shower in the warmth.   Mistress does keep taking about buying us some boots but master thinks that we are roughy toughy outdoor dogs. I am not. I am an inside in the warmth sort of dog. If it means I don’t get hosed down every time I go out, give me the boots.

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Oh no! Not the hose pipe.

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