Another Exciting Day – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me in the Snow

A late morning for us this morning.  Mistress is still not too well so we were allowed to go up and say good morning to her. I think I must have gone a bit overboard as she wasn’t very happy with me.  Master took us out for a walk and to get the chicken up.  Smudge is starting to understand that snow is fun to play in.  So for a few minutes he actually played with me.  Then it was time to help one of our guests from our cottages to take their luggage down to their car.  Well when I say help, I mean I supervised the master and made sure none of those sheep came too near.  After Master’s coffee break he took me down town.  That is always a treat as it is usually mistress and smudge that get to go down town.  I was on my best behaviour and as normal was in charge of looking after bags as my master went into shops.

In the afternoon master decided to bring some more logs in.  This is always great fun as we can always find some new branch or twig that we haven’t found before.  Even smudge was in a playful mood.  Twice in 1 day- he must have found the blue smarties again.  The afternoon was a bit of a let down as the Christmas decorations were put back into the loft.  Never mind there is always next year.

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