Another Duvet Day – Smudge

Fun in the snow
I’m the handsome one on the left

It snowed here at our cottages (click here) again last night! So we were dragged out early in the morning by mistress and master to clear the snow off the drive.  I hadn’t even had my breakfast.  Idiot brother of course didn’t seem to care and once again loved it.  Me – I could do without it.  As a special gesture to our master I decided I would try and keep idiot brother out of the way so he could get on with clearing the drive. Well that was the intention. Of course once idiot brother has got it into his head to chase something that is it. So poor master had to put up with him leaping after every shovel full of snow. What an idiot.  Anyhow as you can see from the picture we did have a bit of fun.

Luckily after a couple of hours we were aloud back in and I took up my highly responsible role of looking after the fire. In fact it turned out to be not too bad a day after all as I was allowed to stay by the fire for most of the day.  Mistress did try and throw us out mid afternoon – who is she kidding it was cold out there.  Luckily she let us stay in after we (even idiot brother wasn’t keen) both  took one look outside and quickly ran back into the kitchen.

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