An Interesting Week – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Prisoner in my own Garden

Its been an interesting week at our cottages (click here). For a start I have been with master over at Buxton most of the time. At long last he seems to have agreed that my input is valuable. I have told him time and time again that a bigger dog sleeping area is needed but he wouldn’t listen. In the end I think he agreed and has decided to make changes (every little helps). We are still a bit undecided about the garden. Well I am not, but he is. Not sure he fully understands the need for a digging area.

Last Sunday we went to the Peak Rail1940’s re-enactment weekend.  Mistress and master enjoyed it but I came away a nervous wreck.

Blue at Peak rail near our pet friendly cottages

Looks Interesting

No one told me they were going fire guns. Have you heard the noise those things make. Luckily they took me home before the main re-enactment started as I am not sure I could cope with all that noise. Smudge didn’t even seem to notice. Well he is like that – sometimes he is scared of his own shadow the next minute he is talking to those big vicious cows (rather him than me). We were taken on the train which I enjoyed even if it was a bit crowded. The old steam engines are a bit smelly though. Master still thinks he is s budding photographer so took loads of pictures. You can see a slide show he has made on Youtube at Peak rail 1940s.

Blue at Ashover show near our Derbyshire pet friendly cottages

Bet Master would like one of these

On Wednesday Mistress and Master actually took a day off. As it was such a nice day mistress wanted to go to the  Ashover Show. We all prefer the Ashover show to the Bakewell show as it is smaller and still a proper farming show. It is only about 20 mins away from our peak district cottages so is easy to get to. Luckily all the animals (Cows, Sheep etc) are behind fences or I would have stayed at home. I am not going anywhere where those things are roaming about freely. As usual there was lots to see. Master could look around the big boys toys and mistress could drool in the food tent. There was even a dog show that mistress had forgotten to put us down for.  I could have entered as the smartest Collie. We could have entered Smudge as the dumbest collie (he would have won gold in that). In the evening we all went to the Lathkil Pub for a meal in the evening sunshine. Well they got the meal and we got a few spare chips.

Blue at the edges looking towards our dog friendly cottages

Me admiring the view

Friday evening it was announced we were going for a picnic which is always fun. Master decided that we hadn’t been for a picnic on the Edges before so that might be a good spot. So off we went and parked at Curbar Edge (about 10mins away) and walked a short way along the Edge till we found a suitable spot. It was a glorious evening and mistress enjoyed her picnic overlooking Curbar, Calver etc. You can just  see our Bolehill Farm trees from there.

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