An Exciting Day – blue

Blue in Buxton near our peak district cottages

On my inspection tour

I have been wanting to get over to the house in Buxton to see how master is getting on for a few weeks now but he just won’t take me (not sure why). Anyway this morning I spotted my opportunity. He was loading up the car at our peak cottages with things to take over there and had left the door open. So in I jumped. That is it, I thought I am going. He is not going to get me out so he will have to take me. When he was finished loading I was ready. He came to the passenger side door so I moved to the drivers seat. As the car (4×4) is so big he can’t get to me across the seats. He came round the drivers side so I nipped back to the passenger side. We played this game for a few minutes before he gave up. Then I thought I was in real trouble as he had gone to get reinforcements – Mistress! But I was ready for this. I got ready to jump into the back if they tried to get me from both sides.  Anyhow in the end master relented and told me I could come for the day. Thoughtfully he grabbed my lead and a drink bowl and off we set.

Buxton near our pet friendly peak district cottages

I haven’t seen that before

What can I say. It was a great day out. No Smudge to spoil things. No mistress to complain about my over enthusiasm about my security duties (barking so she knows someone is around). Heaven – even if I wasn’t allowed to dig in the trench which I thought could be fun and quite helpful. At lunch time we had a nice walk down town where I got a few pats on the head for being cute and then back for lunch. I wasn’t however impressed with the chips I was given from the person helping master. They were disgusting (although I am sure Smudge would have eaten them).

Buxton near our pet friendly peak district cottages

I had better inspect the trench

It was really enjoyable lying there in the sun watching master struggle with cables and things. They did get a bit annoyed with me when they were digging the trench a bit deeper. I wanted to help but all I got was ‘be quiet Blue’ (don’t you just hate it when they won’t let you help?).

Anyhow to report on progress: The place is a mess. The drive is completely devastated (apparently so someone can come and install gas, electricity and water – could be useful I suppose). The inside of the house doesn’t look much different to the  last time I inspected the site. The kitchen is still not finished and the lounge still looks a mess. The back garden is an improvement. At least he has cleared that and hopefully taken on board some of my tips on how to make it dog friendly. Basically I am not too sure what he is up to as he doesn’t seem to have progressed much.

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