All the Snow Has Gone – Blue

Blue at our Peak district cottages

'"Four legs good, two legs better!"'

Well it was fun while it lasted but unfortunately it (the snow) all seems to have gone at our cottages (click here)Master seems a lot happier although has broken my Discovery.  I rather liked the discovery as I never got moaned at for dirty feet etc and I was always allowed to sit in the observation seat where I could keep a careful watch out for those viscous cows and sheep. Still he does keep talking about getting another 4X4 so that is encouraging.  Hope he lets me choose it this time.

Master and Mistress left us both on our own all afternoon while they went shopping.  I assumed my normal vigilant security position and as normal Smudge resumed his normal pose and instantly went to sleep.  How does he do it.  He knows we are in charge of security until they get back.  Anyway it wasn’t all bad because they brought back some more food  and treats for us.  I carefully supervised the transfer of the food to the cellar but was not allowed to check out its edibility.  Just to show that there was no hard feelings at having left us for 1/2 the day, I helped master park the car back in the car park.

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