Afternoon tea and a walk – Smudge

Smudge at Hassop station near our peak district cottages

Me sunning myself at Hassop

Not a very exciting week at our (click here). Everyone busy working and in general ignoring us. But Sunday looked like a we might get taken out.  That was until master decided it was a bit too misty for walking and anyway he had better finish of the last of the Tax returns and VAT etc.  I am glad that us dogs don’t have to go through all this nonsense. Give us a bed and feed us once (or preferably twice or three) times a day and we are happy. No paper work for us. Luckily it did brighten up later in the afternoon so it was decided we would take mistress out for afternoon tea at the newly opened Hassop Old Station Coffee shop.

Shilrey sunning herself at Hassop near our peak district cottages

Mistress enjoying her afternoon tea

Oh dear, that would mean only one thing – a trip in the CAR!   This looked bad! But I was slightly encouraged by the fact that mistress picked up our leads. They have done the old station up to be a smart new coffee shop and bookshop.

Anyway off we went. Luckily it was nice and warm so we were allowed to sit outside with master and mistress on the station platform. I therefore managed to get a pleasant 1/2 hour lie in the sun while mistress had her afternoon tea. No tidbits for us though – again! Then off we went for a walk (at long last) along the Monsal Trail towards Great Longstone.

The Monsal tarin near our peak district cottages

The Monsal trail near Hassop

It was quite busy so we had lots of new friends to say hello to and lots of interesting smells in the verges etc.  Although we were allowed of our leads we did keep  getting called back when we strayed a bit too far.  Not sure why,  as were are not stupid. We could find our way back if we wanted to.  Idiot brother was happy as he didn’t have cows and those  vicious sheep things to worry about.  You don’t tend to find them on the trails.

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