Abandoned – Blue

Blue at Carsington Water

Me at Carsington Water -

The day started off beautifully at our cottages (click here)Master took us out for our morning walk then we heard that we were being taken to Hopton hall to look round the yearly Snowdrop display.  Great we thought a nice long walk round the grounds of a big house.  Always things to do and see at big houses.  Anyway what happens when we get there?  We get abandoned in the car. No dogs allowed in the grounds!  What about our rights?  I thought there were laws against discrimination these days.  Smudge didn’t seem to mind, he just curled up and went to sleep.  But I was furious.  It got even worse.  After Master and Mistress got back we all went to Carsington Water (a couple of miles down the road). Now we will get taken for a walk – we thought.  Oh No. They went off to Lunch, abandoning us in the car AGAIN (Smudge went back to sleep).  Apparently you aren’t allowed to take dogs into Restaurants.  I am going to write to my MP.  Don’t we have any rights. I am sure the EU has something to say about this.  Anyhow after lunch we did, at long last, get taken for a walk (although it was a bit short). The picture shows me sitting on one of the sculptures with Carsington water in the background.

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