A working Bank Holiday – Smudge

Smudge looking cool at our peak district cottages

Me looking Cool -

We have been quite busy at our Peak District Cottages this bank holiday (no break for us).  Well when I say we, I mean master and mistress.  Me and idiot brother just try and help were we can. Or to be even more precise I try to help and idiot brother gets in the way.  Master was locked in his study all weekend ‘updating the website’  – AGAIN (what does he do, it must be the third time in 6 months).  Mistress was running around checking cottages and making sure everything was OK for our new guests (and their owners). We had a number of friends to play with. But as most dogs  take their owners out for the day we only get the mornings and evenings to get acquainted.  With all the work going on around the place we didn’t get take out for any walks  (other than are normal walks around the fields).  It did, however, mean I could get some serious duvet time in. The swallows are back in force so if we get bored there is always ‘swallow chasing’ to be done.  Idiot brother over did it as normal and seems to be limping a bit.

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