A walk to Three Shires Head – Blue

Blue at Three Shire Head near out pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at Three Shires Head

Well thank goodness that is all over again. We can now get back to our rightful place in front of the fire rather than the kitchen. Actually it wasn’t all bad we were allowed into the lounge occasionally (master’s friend doesn’t seem to be as allergic to us as he used to be) and he does make a bit of a fuss of us. We were not allowed into the dining room though. We had to sit by the door and watch! Poor Smudge nearly died. All that food and none for him!

One bad part was that we didn’t get taken for our usual Christmas Day pub walk. They bottled out of walking (it was a bit wet) and took the car so there was no room for us. Well I could have sat on master’s lap and Smudge could have sat on mistress’s. But no, they were worried about dog hairs in the car. So we had to stay at home and look after security and the slowly cooking Goose. I took charge of security and Smudge of course took charge of the cooking. Not that there was much for him to do other than look through the cooker window and drool. We did get a big chew when they got back which kept Smudge happy but personally I would have preferred to go to the pub.

Blue on a bridge on a walk near our peak district cottages

Looks a bit dodgy to me!

On Boxing day we at least had a nice long walk to Three Shires Head. Somewhere where mistress has wanted to go for ages. It was a bit muddy but nothing we couldn’t handle. On the way back Smudge got into a bit of difficulty. We came across a stile that had a massive big puddle in front of it. The only way to get to it was via a small strip of grass by a fence. Master went first. When he used the fence to hold on to he found it was electrified. Now I have come across these things before, we sometimes have them in our fields, and I can tell you they hurt if you touch them. Master warned everyone but I don’t think Smudge heard as he followed master. The next thing there is a massive yelping splashing and more yelping from Smudge. He had touched the fence and had leapt back into the  puddle. He hates water so had rushed back to the grass where he came in contact with the fence again. More yelping as he tried to turn round (without getting wet) and yet more as he ran back along the verge. He was totally traumatised. I have never seen anything so funny in my life. In fact I would have nearly died laughing if I wasn’t in pain myself. I had missed the stile by jumping over another wall with barbed wire on it.  This is strictly against orders. We are not allowed to miss out stiles. We are supposed to wait by them for mistress to catch up and then follow when we have been given permission. Problem is that when we are out I forget sometimes. On the one hand this was fortunate as I didn’t get zapped like poor Smudge. On the other hand I didn’t see the barbed wire and hurt my paw. But it was all worth it to see poor Smudge getting zapped. It took Master and Mistress a good 10 minutes to calm him down. No one even noticeds me limping. Anyway Smudge recovered and my paw injury wasn’t that serious (it just hurt a bit at the time). Smudge still hasn’t forgiven me for laughing at him. No sense of humour!

Blue near our dog friendly holiday cottages

Were did that lot come from?

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