A walk to Sheldon – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Its MY stick

Our friend Mozart left from our cottages (click here) on Saturday. We had enjoyed running around the fields with him. Smudge was double disappointed as Mozart’s owners kept giving us little treats. In fact Smudge keeps popping over to Dove Cottage just to make sure they have gone. The weather is now picking up nicely and we are being allowed outside more. Its rather pleasant lying in the sun in the courtyard watching Smudge going from cottage to cottage looking for food.

On Sunday we had a very pleasant walk over to Sheldon (a village a couple of miles away from us). Mistress wanted to go over and have a look at a historical display that was on in the village hall.  We of course had to stay outside.

Blue in lathkill dale near our peak disticr cottages

Just checking for a better route

Why do so many places have a No Dogs policy.  I would have been interested in the history of Sheldon. After all I do wander over there quite often (much to to the dismay of Mistress). Anyhow it was a nice walk and because we know all the fields and the farmers, we were allowed off our leads all the way there and all the way back.

I got into a bit of trouble last week. The farmer has been spraying slurry on some of the back fields. This is a great invitation to go rolling.

Problem is, I over did it a bit. I have to admit Smudge did warn me but I sort of got lost in the joy of being able to cover myself in slurry.  Master was absolutely furious when I got back.

lambing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Lambing time

I suppose I did look a bit of a state. At least I got hosed down in our new en-suite rather than outside.


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