A walk to Milldale

smudge at our peak district cottages

A well deserved bone

For once we were off bright and early. Well when I say early, it was early for mistress. It was all a bit unexpected as well.  We hadn’t been told we were going for a walk. We went off with mistress for our morning constitution around our peak district cottage fields and when we got back the rucksacks were out and  master was packing sandwiches. I was a bit late back as I needed to check if any breakfast was being offered at any of the cottages. No such luck but master making sandwiches held out some hope for food. But no luck there either. Never mind if we are going for a walk there is bound to be something interesting along the way. We parked up at Alstonefield and set off across country towards Dove Dale. After only a few minutes we were let of our leads so we could go off and explore. We were under strict instructions to come back if we came across any sheep or lambs, so I kept a careful eye on idiot brother as I know what he is like. Although he is scared stiff of sheep (some collie) he was likely to scare them if he went bolting into a field which might scatter them. Luckily we didn’t encounter any sheep all day.

smudge on a walk near our holiday cottages

Where to next

Once we dropped into Dove Dale it was decided that we would take the left hand bank rather than usual right hand bank that everyone else seemed to be on. On the one hand this was a good move as we didn’t have to worry about meeting anyone on the path, on the other hand it was a far more tricky route for mistress and at times she had to drop down steep slopes on her bum. I am not sure why, as we were fine and Master didn’t seem to have a problem. We stopped for lunch in a beautiful sunny spot overlooking Dove Dale where we could sit and watch all the other walkers on the other side of the river. Or at least mistress did. I sat and watched the sandwiches slowly disappearing without any coming my way.   We got a few tit bits but nothing to sustain an active dog.

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

There must be a bit for me!

The ‘climb’ (a gentle slope) out of Milldale took some time as both master and mistress are not very fit and needed to keep stopping for breath every few minutes. We just sat at the top and watched. Quite a spectator sport really. Of course when we got back to the car mistress needed an afternoon tea. So we had to stop off at Hartington where she visited her usual Cheese shop and then went for afternoon tea at one of the little tea shops. We of course we were left  in the car which let me catch up on my afternoon nap (see picture).

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Dog Nap!

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