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Me in Lud's 'Church'

Wednesday was our day of f  at our Peak district cottages so it was decided that we would go over to the Roaches and  take a walk to ‘Lud’s Church‘. Very strange we thought! Dogs aren’t usually allowed in Churches. So why would we want to walk to one. It turns out that Lud’s Church isn’t a Church at all, it is a small gorge in the rocks. The walk up to it was a bit steep for mistress but we all got there in the end. Even idiot brother behaved himself .


Lunch as usual was a taken with a nice view but no lunch for us. Just a bowl of water.  We did manage to cadge a few tit-bits from mistress but that was about it.  What we hadn’t realised is that we were having lunch in a field with Sheep. Not really a problem as they were well away from us until one of the bigger, dominant, sheep decided to come and investigate. Idiot brother of course was very worried and went to sit with master.

peak district cottages walks

I even have to share with HIM

I just kept an eye on it. Luckily it didn’t get too near.


Walks from our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

Anything for me

The walk back was a bit of a strain for mistress. It was all a bit up and down but very pleasant in the spring sunshine. There were even some Bluebells out in some of the woods (or so Mistress told us).  We were allowed off our leads for most of the time so we could explore while waiting for mistress to catch up. However, mistress soon recovered when we stopped for the usual afternoon tea.


In the evening it was all a bit traumatic. At this time of year we get Balloons flying near to us.  In general we manage to keep them away from OUR grounds but this time they totally ignored us and flew right over us in spite of both of us telling them time and time again not to.  Idiot brother over did it a bit (well there is a surprise) and went totally mad and I think hurt himself. Anyway he was very quiet and limping a bit that evening (which was good) and the next day he seemed to keep to himself and just lie around (very good). Unfortunately he seems to have completely recovered and once again is a major pain around the place.

Ballon over our peak district cottages

A balloon over OUR grounds




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