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Well at long last. After weeks of being dragged round shows, gardens, well dressings and goodness knows what we were at long last taken on a proper walk. What is it with mistress. Isn’t one show a year, and one garden a year good enough. Anyway on Tuesday it was agreed we would all go for a walk to see the heather on the moors up at Howden reservoir. We left a bit late due to saying goodbye to guests from our cottages (click to see)  but it wasn’t too late by the time we parked up at the northern end of Howden reservoir. We set off along the track up to the slippery stones bridge and then on up onto the moor. We were let off our leads from the start so we could explore which was just as well with the speed mistress was walking. As we came away from the bridge we met a National Trust man who explained that a Helicopter was helping them deliver some fence posts up onto the moor.

Admiring the view

Admiring the view

Now in general we don’t like things that buzz around in the sky but this particular helicopter didn’t seem to be too bad and it did have a job to do rather than just annoying us like they usually do. So we were not too concerned. Mistress is always fascinated with anything that flies so we had to hang around while she watched it coming and going.   In the end even mistress got bored and we could continue up the hill. I think it was a bit steep for master as he kept stopping for breath. It didn’t seem too steep to me.

Once we were up on the top it was declared to be lunch time, so we all set about finding somewhere to sit, out of the wind (it was a bit blowy up there). In the end master found a great spot out of the wind with magnificent views over the moor towards Howden reservoir. Then master dropped his bombshell. He had forgotten to pack our chews. It has become a regular thing to bring along something for us to eat. Master felt it was easier giving Smudge something of his own to eat rather than Smudge virtually sitting on his lap while master ate his sandwiches. But he had forgotten! Smudge was devastated but soon got over it once he had been given a few crusts etc.

taking a rest on one of the shooting butts

Taking a rest on one of the shooting butts

The next stage of the walk was a bit tricky for mistress. We dropped down from the ridge to a lower ‘footpath’ but there was no ‘footpath’ that we could see. Master’s Satnav thing said we were within a few feet of it but none of us could find it so we had to walk through  heather, scrub and bracken for about a mile. Mistress found this very hard going. Even we took our time as the heather in places was over the top of us. There was an amusing bit where master fell into a creek. Luckily it wasn’t too full but he did get a bit wet. After about a mile we did find a footpath of sorts and started to descend back towards the reservoir. Once back to the reservoir it was just a matter walking along the track back to Slippery Stone bridge and then back to the car. Unfortunately master spotted a short cut. I wasn’t too concerned to start with until I realised that the short cut was across the river – without a bridge. Now he knows full well that we (and especially me) doesn’t like water. Its OK for him, he has boots on, I don’t. Anyhow he waded across followed by mistress and Smudge leaving me all on my own on the far bank. Well it was either walk all the way round or get my feet wet. So being a very brave dog I decided to go for it (see picture).

It had taken mistress so long to walk over the rough bit that it was nearly tea time and she therefore missed her usual afternoon tea.

Fording the river

Fording the river

To see our walk have a look at Howden moor walk

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