A walk on Baslow Edge – Smudge

Smudge at Baslow edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on Baslow Edge

At last a walk. Idiot brother was beside himself with the thought of at last going for a walk. As usual he was running up and down getting in the way. Me? I just sat and waited for the inevitable bit about  getting into the CAR. We left our cottages (click here) bright and early (well early for mistress) and headed off to Baslow (about 5-10 mins away) where we parked and started up the path to the Edge. Although it was a bit cold it was lovely and sunny and as the ground was all hard we at least we didn’t get too muddy. Well actually I did get a bit muddy but not too bad. The first bit of excitement was when we came across a herd of Highland Cows munching away at the heather etc. This of course caused idiot brother to go into panic mode. Luckily there was no where for him to hide so he had to keep going but he was not very happy, especially when one of them started to follow us all. She seemed friendly enough to me but idiot brother was having none of it and ran ahead out of the way. As it turned out she was just going for a drink before she rejoined the others. I didn’t tell idiot brother she had gone back, so for half the walk he was constantly looking over his shoulder wondering where she was. Idiot!

smudge on baslow edge near our peak district cottages

Lunch Time

As it was such a beautiful day of course we got a lot of the ‘stopping to admire the view’ from mistress. It wasn’t too bad as we were off our leads, so we could wander off while she was ‘busy’. One thing I want to know is why master always seems to forget to bring our treats when we go for a walk. When we are off our leads we often get called back (I think to make sure we are still around) and as far as I am aware the game is that we come back and get given a treat, then off we go again. Doesn’t sort of work if we come back and there isn’t a treat!!!! He spends hours packing a picnic for them  but then completely forgets about us. Actually lunch wasn’t bad as master had packed too many sandwiches.  So there was some left over for us. We all sat on the edge in the sun admiring the view. Well actually they sat admiring the view, we waited until we were fed then wandered off to explore. Mistress spent half an hour using masters new Phone thingy gadget to see where all the planes were going. From up on the edges you get a magnificent view of all the vapour trails in the sky and she does like to know where they are going to.

The walk back in the afternoon was enjoyable but it was getting a bit cold by the time we got back to the car. Master then had to take mistress for some retail therapy, dragging us along as well. At least we were left in the car, where I could catch up on my afternoon rest. Idiot brother of course just sat there all the time doing his ‘security dog’ thing. Why he can’t just chill out a bit I don’t know.

High land cow near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Idiot Brothers Nemesis

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