A walk on Abney Moor – Smudge

smudge on the Moor near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on the moor

At last a walk rather than been dragged round some show or garden.  As the heather seems to be out early this year mistress decided she wanted to go and see it. It was decided we would go to Abney Moor which is near Hathersage (about 20 mins from our cottages (click here)).  It was one of those walks were we where let of our leads for most of time so we could wander around. As usual going was slow with mistress stopping every few minutes to do the ‘admire the view’ thing she does. Although a bit windy when we got up on the moor it was very sunny and mistress spend loads of time photographing the views towards Hathersage, The Edges and Ladybower Reservoir (see pictures).

a moor near por pet friendly self catering holiday cottages

Another shot of me on the Moor

We stopped for lunch on the Moor with views towards Ladybower reservoir. For once we didn’t do too bad for lunch, although I did noticed we didn’t get any of the ham sandwich, all we go was some of the marmite sandwich which I wasn’t too keen on but something is better than nothing. We did get into a bit of trouble while they were having lunch. It was idiot brothers fault. He spotted some gliders way off  in the distance so went to chase them off.  Stupidly I followed him. This got both of us into major trouble and we were put on our leads for the rest of lunch.

Idiot brother had to be put on his lead when we were passing through a field with some cows in. There were only about three but he panicked and was about to disappear into the distance so master put him on his lead and dragged him past them.  We got a bit lost coming down from the moor as  footpaths weren’t very clear but luckily master had actually got batteries in his SATNAV thing and that helped. We had found our way down easily but mistress is a bit more picky about where she goes. As usual we ended up having afternoon tea on the way back home.

a walk near our peak district cottages

Oh no lost again

Did idiot brother tell you about our new designation. We are now officially ‘Senior’ dogs. He is very upset about it but I think its great. I am hoping it will let me get  some more ‘down time’ and not have to pretend I enjoy running around. There may even be more food involved. Surely if I am a ‘Senior’ I should be fed more!




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