A walk in Padley Gorge -Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Let sleeping dogs lie.

At long last a walk. It seems to have been ages since we were taken out for a walk. As it was such a nice day on Saturday at our peak district cottages and Mistress didn’t have anyone coming in (everyone had arrived on Friday) it was decided to go for a a short walk up at Grindleford Station (I suspect master fancied one of the bacon butties they do in the cafe). When we got there it was so nice we decided we would walk up the right hand side of Padley Gorge and back down the other side. The right hand side is the more interesting side but usually a bit of a climb in places (OK for master and us but not for mistress). To keep mistress happy we decided not to hug the stream as we normally do but keep to a path which is a bit further away from the stream. Mistress found this a lot easier and we therefore progressed at least at a snails pace as they stopped to take photos or look at trees. As we know the area well we were let of our leads as soon as we go to the gorge and it was great fun playing amongst all the leaves in the Autumn sunshine. When we got to the top of the gorge it was decided that we would walk on up to the National Trust tea shop at the Longshaw Estate about half a mile away. Master was a bit grumpy during lunch as he didn’t like his bacon buttie much and kept muttering about how nice the ones at the Cafe at Grindleford were.

Smudge in padley gorge

Me in Padley Gorge

He felt it was over cooked and too salty. Well I would have eaten it for him. I am very obliging that way. But oh no he ‘struggled’ on with it.  Not even a bowl of water for us. “Drink from the stream if you are thirsty” was all I got from master. I am a dog not a fish and the water tastes disgusting. What is wrong with a bowl of fresh water. Idiot brother of course will drink from anywhere.

The return journey was uneventful other than master getting us lost and us ending up back on the  right hand side of the river but we were nearly back by then so it didn’t matter. Master never did get his bacon buttie from the Cafe.

Idiot brother has been at home a lot more recently. In fact I had to spend the entire day with him, on my own, when master took mistress shopping to get her supply of chocolates etc. What a pain. Instead of just relaxing and waiting for them to come back he is constantly on the move, barking at everything he hears and generally being a pain. ‘Doing his security bit’ is what he says. Being a pain is what I  say. Why can’t they leave him in another part of the house. Then I could get in some serious duvet time.

Smudge at out pet friendly holiday cottages

How kind. All for me?

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