A walk in Deap Dale – Smudge

Smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me 'admiring' a wild Orchid

Idiot brother isn’t very happy as the cows are back in our front field at our peak district cottages.  He spends most of the day in the front garden just watching them.  I think he likes to keep an eye on them – just in case! That’s fine by me. At least we know where to find him and he is not getting into any trouble. We have quite a few children here over the bank holidays which has been a bit daunting at times. Idiot brother loves all the attention but I find it disturbs my ‘Down Time’.  The odd pat and stroke now and then fine but we were constantly being called out to play and have our photos taken and be stroked. Master says its part of our job description to ‘look cute’ and be ‘petted by Children’ but I don’t remember signing up to that.  The ‘look cute’ bit I can do in moderation but I do need my rest. Actually thinking about it, it wasn’t all bad as I did get some tit bits from them every now and then.

Wild Orchid near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Wild Orchid in Deep Dale

Sunday we went a walk directly from our pet friendly holiday cottages over to Sheldon And, down to near Ashford then back up Deep Dale. As we know the area well, we were allowed off our leads for most of the time.  This gave us lots of opportunities to explore. Even idiot brother behaved himself. It was a glorious day (except for the wind). Mistress wanted to go to Deep Dale to see the wild early-purple orchids. Apparently  Deep Dale is a conservation area so they don’t allow sheep or cattle on it which please idiot brother. I myself couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. They are just flowers, look the same, smell the same, taste the same as any other flower. Every time we went near a clump we were called back to make sure we didn’t ‘trample them down’. Who cares! They are flowers! Mistress was a bit disappointed that they weren’t as numerous as the last time we saw them but even still we had to do a lot of the ‘stopping thing’. As we had walked from home we didn’t have to do the usual stop for Afternoon tea.

Top of Deap Dale near Bakewell

The top of Deap Dale

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