A walk from Monyash – Blue


Me at yet another stile

As mistress’s knee has been playing up the last few weeks we haven’t had much of chance to go for walks. I keep asking master to take us but unless mistress organises it and makes him go he is just stuck in front of his computer. I have all sorts of problems getting him off it so I can do my blog. Master has even started taking us out for our morning constitution. What a pain. Mistress is great as she just lets us run around and enjoy ourselves. With Master it is “Blue this way”, “No Blue”, “Blue Sit”, “Blue Stay”. He seems to have a thing about ‘training’ at the moment. Come on it’s early in the morning lets save that for later.

It was a very big Ice-cream

It was a very big Ice-cream

Well Sunday was such a nice day at Bolehill Cottages that mistress gritted her teeth and decided we should go for a short walk. Well of course we didn’t realise it was a short walk, until we got back to Monyash after only a few hours. I suppose we should have noticed  there was no frantic packing of sandwiches. The other problem we had, was that as we haven’t done this walk for some time, so there was a lot of stopping to admire the view. At least we were off our leads for most of the time, so could go off and explore.

When we got back to Monyash mistress of course  had to stop at the Old Smithy for an Ice-cream. Nothing for us mind you. It was a very big ice-cream so mistress did let master have a few licks.

Although it was a  short walk it was a very pleasant change and I think mistress’s leg coped.

Where has she got to?

Where has she got to?

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