A walk from Hartington – Smudge

Smudge in Wolfscote dale near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in Wolfscote Dale

My leg is a lot better. I am not sure what I did but I probably over did it last weekend chasing those damn balloons.  Not that I got a lot of sympathy from anyone. Idiot brother just kept on about how unfit I was and master just kept saying it was my own fault.  Mistress was the only one with any sympathy so I stuck close to her just in case sympathy turned into food (It didn’t). As Sunday was a nice day and my leg was better it was decided that we would go for a walk from Hartington (about 4-5 miles from our (click here)). Mistress  also wanted to go to see the well dressings (I think it is the last one of the year). So we parked up in Hartington then went a walk around the village to see the well dressings.

Smudge crossing bridge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me making sure mistress gets across the bridge OK

From the village  we headed down Beresford Dale and to Wolfscote Dale (heading towards Dove Dale).  All started off fine until it started to rain. Idiot brother and myself hadn’t really noticed but master started wingeing that he was getting wet. So we had to sit under a tree for 10 boring minutes before we were allowed out into the field again.  The best fun was when we got to a field full of cows. Its always interesting to see what idiot brother will do with cows around.  As expected he wouldn’t go through them.  I thought master was going to have to drag him through but before he  could get hold of him idiot brother had run up the side of the hill and around the top and back down and was waiting by the stile for us  – well away from the cows. Idiot! We just walked through them without any problem.

part of Wolfscote dale near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Wolfscote Dale.

We stopped for our (or their) lunch on the hill side over looking the river.  It was a bit steep for my liking. It was difficult to make sure I was close enough to the food and put on my cute look without sliding down the hill side.  I think master chose the spot on purpose.  We didn’t do too bad for tidbits though.  The walk then took us up Biggin Dale and back round to Hartington.  Of course when we got back to Hartington we had to stop for mistress’s afternoon tea.  Nothing for us of course.

The builder is getting on well with mistresses extension. It looks like the roof bit is going on today. I am still not getting much joy with tidbits from the builder though. I think that source of food has dried up.  The joiner is here today so maybe I will have better luck with him.

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