A walk from Hartington – Blue

blue at our Buxton house

Doesn’t look too bad to me

Its been a busy week here at our cottages (click here). Most days during the week I have been over to Buxton helping master out with the new house. At long last we seem to be getting somewhere. We have a back lawn that I can say is just about OK. I haven’t tried digging in it yet just in case master sees me (I don’t think he would be impressed). He didn’t take any notice from me about the gate but then it is only 3 foot so if I need to I can soon get over that. He did get a bit annoyed with me when I ran after a CAT on Friday. I had forgotten all about the road (well you do don’t you) and just darted after the damn thing. Unfortunately it ran up a  sheer cliff face so I couldn’t get at it but if I had been just that bit quicker I would have had it. Master was livid. Unfortunately for me he had told me to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ which basically means don’t move. Ok I know that but this was an emergency and OK I shouldn’t have run across the road but there was no need to go on like he did.

blue at our pet friendly cottages

Still young at heart

On Thursday I helped him clear up the leaves from the back lawn. Not sure we have ever had that many leaves before. We blew them all into a heap (with my help) and then master went to get the 4×4 and trailer to take them away. It took master and mistress and myself at least five trailer loads to get rid of them. Smudge just sat and watched. Not much use at all.

blue in upper dove dale near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Waiting for Lunch

Today we went for a walk from Hartington along the upper Dove river to what mistress claimed was a castle. Looked like a few mounds of grass to me (master was equally impressed). Mistress did enjoy the view of her favourite hill off in the distance and we sat and had lunch looking over the valley (well they had lunch and we had a bowl of water and a few bits of crust). Smudge disgraced himself during lunch by charging off after a para-glider away in the distance. OK. I chased it as well but it was Smudge that started it.  We are not too keen on para-gliders so we make sure they keep their distance. These did but master and mistress were not very happy with us.

On the way back we had to cross a field of sheep which was a bit scary. Luckily master shooed  them out of the way so I could get through the gate. I wasn’t going through it with those vicious things standing there. Even worse we came across a field full of cows. I was just about to run off to find a way round them when master grabbed me and put me back on my lead. He then forced me to walk through the things. They looked very menacing to me. But luckily we got through without incident.

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