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As it was such a beautiful day on Sunday it was decided that we would go for a walk. After much debate it was decided we would visit Derwent Reservoir (about 20 mins from our cottages – see here for details). Mistress always likes this area in Autumn as the trees can be spectacular (or so she says – I just find it an interesting area to explore). When we got to the car park master realised he had forgotten our leads. Yes! Result. No messing around with leads. But oh no he managed to find some old bungee straps in the back of the car. Now although idiot brother didn’t seem to mind, I did. I have a reputation to uphold (unlike him). Every dog we went past was laughing at us. Idiot brother didn’t even seem to notice but I found it very embarrassing. Luckily once we were past the main dam we were allowed off our ‘bungee’ and could go off and explore. We have done this walk many times before so we were quite used to it. As usual there was a lot of stopping to ‘admire the view’ by mistress so we got plenty of time to go off on our own.

My best side

My best side

Lunch was had overlooking Derwent reservoir. Master even remembered to bring something for our lunch. I have a suspicion that they only bring it along to distract us while they are having their lunch. Well that didn’t work as I had eaten mine before master had managed to unpack their sandwiches. So I could be on ‘station’ to capture any leftovers. I do wish master would stop making Marmite  sandwiches. They are not my  favourite by any means. Mistress’s Peanut butter and Honey  one’s were far more interesting. After lunch we slowly made our way towards Howden dam and then back along the edge of Derwent Reservoir back to the car.

The walk was only about 6 miles long but that night I did feel a bit stiff. I must be getting old. Idiot brother was worse than me and was definitely creaking a bit. I have a feeling he was putting it on the next day as he was still limping but as soon as he realised no one was taking a blind bit of notice of him he seemed OK. Typical.

At least I have had another relatively quiet week with Idiot Brother ‘working’ over at Buxton which leaves me with mistress and my duvet. Peace and quiet. She does wake me up every now and then and tries to throw me out into the cold but I have got wise to that and just pretend I am asleep. We did have to go over to Buxton  one day which meant I had to stay with idiot brother and master in the Buxton house. Idiot brother loves it but I just find it boring. Whenever I go and find out what is going on I get “Smudge you are in the way”. There are no comfortable duvets to sleep on and worse of all I couldn’t find any supply of food.

me on a bungee 'lead'

me on a bungee ‘lead’

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