A Walk from Beeley – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me out for a walk

We were taken for a nice long walk yesterday. We started at Beeley (near Chatsworth House) which is only a few miles from our peak district cottages. Smudge managed to get a bit mucky but I managed to stay out of the puddles.  We had a few encounters with some nasty looking sheep but by staying close to master they seemed to keep away from me.  The best part was that we were off our leads for most of the walk, so we could explore at our leisure.

a walk near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Mistress navigating a stile

Which was just as well as mistress was her normal slow, plodding, admiring the view, self. As usual we had to stop to find where our house was on the far hill side.  Why bother? We know where it is – its here! Luckily mistress found it quite quickly so we could move on. Lunch was a bit of a success as we managed to get a few tit-bits.  Master  had brought along a fold-able frisbee for us to play with. Well Smudge of course didn’t want to play but I had a few goes at fetching it until I got bored.

blue at our peak distirct cottages

Not happy!

Our new en-suite is now operational. No one told us that all we get is a COLD tap. What is wrong with the shower? It is nice and warm.  In fact, no one warned us that the en-suite was for washing us down. We thought it was an extra room for us. I suppose it is better than been washed down in the cold outside but not a lot better. I hope it doesn’t mean we will get washed even more often.

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