A walk at last – Blue

Blue at Robin Hoods Stride - Derbyshire

Me at Robin Hoods Stride

Well at long last we have been taken for a nice long walk. Woke up to beautiful sunshine at our cottages (click here) and then heard that magical word – walk.  Even Smudge looked enthusiastic (which is unusual for him). We quickly helped master and mistress get things ready and then off we went over to Youlgrave (2 miles from our peak district cottages) for a walk down Bradford Dale and then on to Robin Hoods Stride round to Elton Village and back.  The sun was out all the way and most of the time we were off our leads although I know master keeps saying we should be on leads at this time of year (something about ground nesting birds and lambs. But we are well trained and very obedient.  Well some of the time  and we  do try to be good but a ‘dogs got to do what a dogs got to do’ especially when that squirrel ran past us. Another few seconds and I might have caught him. Lunch time was a washout – AGAIN. How come master packs food for them and all we get is water. We tried our ‘cute I am hungry routine’ but got absolutely nowhere.

Question – If master and mistress have got half the number of legs to us (four to two) how come they walk slower than half our pace. We are always hanging around at stiles etc waiting for them. Then mistress stops to ‘admire the view’. Its a bunch of fields lets get on and find somewhere else to investigate. Apparently from Robin Hoods Stride and Elton you can see our house – well whoopee. Does that get us nearer to our biscuits -no it doesn’t!

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