A Walk around Chatsworth – Blue

blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Just inspecting someones handy work

Well Smudge is still moping around grumbling about his stomach. Since his favourite guests left our cottages (click here) last week he just hasn’t been the normal placid (meaning lazy) dog he usually is. He will get over it. I am sure he will manage to con some other poor unsuspecting guest into giving him some food. We get fed enough anyhow so I don’t know what his problem is. Its not as though he is a ‘dynamic dog’. Sleeping most of the day can’t use up a lot of energy.

Anyway at long last we have been taken on a decent walk. As it was such a glorious day (although a bit cold) on Sunday it was decided that we would go for a walk. There was the usual discussion about where to go (which we are never allowed any say in) but in the end it was decided we would go for a walk around Chatsworth.

blue near our peak district cottages

Me and mistress on Chatsworth Bridge

We have done this walk a few times but this time we  were going to go a slightly different route  via some of the more distant lakes that supply water to the fountains at Chatsworth and past the Swiss Cottage which mistress was keen to see. We started off from Carlton Lees car park  and walked over the bridge (the picture shows me on the bridge) towards Beeley and then up the hill to the Moor and into the forest. We were let of our leads early on so we could explore. We did get into a bit of trouble at one point when we enthusiastically greeted a gaggle  of  Grayhounds out for a walk on their leads.   Once we came out of the forest up by the Hunting Tower master realized that we had made a mistake walking round Chatsworth on a nice day. It was packed. So instead of having our lunch (well their lunch) sitting by the tower looking over Chatsworth we had to walk down through the crowds with our leads on before we got back into open fields and a bit of peace. In the end we/they sat eating the lunch with the magnificent view of Chatsworth in front of us. Mistress was wittering on about how the main house was looking very clean after all the work that has been done to it. It just looked like a big house to me! We got a few tit bits but nothing very exciting.   Once back at the car it was decided that mistress needed her Garden Centre fix. So poor master was dragged around the Chatsworth Garden Centre for half an hour or so. Luckily we  were left in the car. On the way back to our cottages we called in to see how the lambing had gone on at our neighbours but we weren’t allowed to see them so had to stay in the car again.  Lucky really as I am not keen on sheep. They are a bit too fearsome for my liking and tend to bully us.

Chatsworth house near our peak district cottages

Chatsworth House



  1. Congratulations Blue; looks like you’ve managed to point out a rare angle from which to photograph Chatsworth House where the scaffolding isn’t showing.

  2. Most of the scaffolding was down by the the time the photo was taken. I think it is all down now. It certainly looks spectacular when the sun shines on it.

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