A walk along the Roaches – Blue

Blue on the Raoches near our pet friendly holiday cottage

Me on the Raoches

Another walk! Amazing! I can’t remember the last time we had so many walks in such a short space of time. This time it was decided we would go to the Roaches which is near to Leek (about 20mins from our cottages (click here)). As the heather was still out mistress was keen to see what it was like over in Staffordshire. I think she was impressed. At least there wasn’t as many of those horrible little flies that we got last week. Mistress seemed to do better this week. Probably because master didn’t take us off on a route march across the country side and it wasn’t as steep. As it was such a clear day we could see Jodrell Bank off in the distance and mistress reckoned we could see the hills of Wales in the far distance.

Blue at the roaches near our peak district cottages

Me waiting for everyone

This time we were let off our leads for most of the time. Unfortunately I had the misfortune of getting Mistress so when we were on the road and on our leads I was at the back. Smudge was happy as he was in the front where he likes to be. At lunch time we sat down in a field with a view over to a reservoir in the distance. Once we had figured out all the food had gone we went off to play ‘chase the swallows’ before we set off back to the car.

Smudge at the roaches near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Smudge admiring the view from the Roaches

Of course on the way back home we had to drop into a tea shop to let mistress have her afternoon tea. As usual we got nothing!

Did Smudge tell you how I accidentally locked us in the kitchen.  It wasn’t really my fault. If master got up earlier I wouldn’t have to wake him and I wouldn’t have accidentally locked the door. So it was his fault really, though I was a bit worried when he couldn’t get in. I thought I was in for it, but luckily he saw the funny side, even if Smudge didn’t (I don’t think Smudge understands ‘funny’). I assume he was worried about mistress not being able to get in to feed him.

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