A walk along the edges – Smudge

smudge on curbar edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on Curbar edge

I assume idiot brother has told you about his wasp stings. I bet he milked it for all it was worth! He would. How much can a little wasp hurt? They are only little things. But oh no he was moping around and putting on that sorrowful dog look which gets mistress every time. He got all the attention for at least two days. I have a feeling she even gave him extra dinner ‘to cheer him up’. Well I need ‘cheering up’ but I don’t get extra dinner. Anyhow luckily it has now all been forgotten about  so I get my fair amount of attention again.

Master has been decorating in the house for the last week so its been a bit fraught. He does seem to be a bit edgy when he is doing things. I try and help but get the usual ‘you’re in the way’ from him. Anyhow he seems to have finished for the moment and we celebrated with a picnic in one of our favourite spots. Its on the walk from our pet friendly cottages to Sheldon and is about 10 mins across the fields so no need for us to be on leads. As usual we didn’t get much to eat but we did enjoy chasing the white butterflies and I enjoyed watching idiot brother having to run all the way round one of the fields to avoid going through the cows. All of us laughed at him.

Smudge near our peak district cottages

Me guiding mistress across a stream

Yesterday we went off for a walk along the edges at Baslow, Curbar, Froggett etc. Its a walk we have done before but we always seem to do it in winter so it was nice to see the heather coming out etc. You can see the edges from our cottages so they are not far away. Luckily we were allowed off our leads for most of the way. Of course idiot brother nearly spoilt it by wandering off. We know we are suppose to stick to the footpath but oh no he goes wandering off to investigate things and nearly gets us put back on our leads. As usual mistress did a lot of the ‘stopping to admire the view’ thing she does. When we stop to sniff something interesting we get told to hurry up. When she stops that’s OK. Doesn’t seem fair. Lunch was had sitting on one of the edges admiring the view. As usual we didn’t get anything but a bowl of water. As we were a bit late setting off we missed mistress’s usual afternoon tea but it was a

nice day out.

You can see more of masters photographs of the edges at our new cottage Facebook page  at http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Bolehill-Cottages/142505442492927. Please ‘Like’ it for him as he does try.

A view from curbar endeg near our dog friendly cottages

A view from Curbar Edge

Aview from curbar edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

A view from Curbar Edge

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