A walk along Baslow Edge – Smudge

Smudge on baslow edge near our peak district cottages

Me soaking up the the rays.

Sunday and a glorious day at our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages. It was announced that we would be going for a walk along Baslow Edge (you can see the Edge from our front garden). Of course it meant a trip in the CAR but all for a good cause.  Once out of the car and walking towards the Edge from Baslow we were allowed off our leads and we could check out the fauna and flora and any unsuspecting wild life.  Idiot brother was relieved to find there were no cows or sheep around so he was happy.  It made for a very pleasant walk/run up to the edges.  When we go to the top there was a strange thing circling just over the cliff face.  Idiot brother started barking and trying to chase it which resulted in us being put back on our leads.

Smudge on Baslow edge

Me with the Edge in the background

It turns out the circling thing was a model glider. Master use to fly model gliders so he went over to talk to the person. Unfortunately this resulted in idiot brother barking all the more and he had to be frog marched away.

A little later we settled down to lunch just as one of master’s photographic friends came past with his family and dog. So we said hello to them before continuing  concentrating on lunch.  We did get a few bits but not as much as we would have liked.  From were we were sitting on the top of the Edge we could easily make out Bolehill Farm in the distance. Whenever we are out locally, mistress always wants to try and find where the Holiday Cottages are. Sometimes it is dead easy to see them other times it seems to take her ages. She is, however, getting better at spotting the trees behind the cottages etc.

Baslow edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Baslow edge

After  lunch idiot brother found something else to bark at.  Some hang gliders were in the air. We hadn’t spotted them while we concentrating on lunch but once we came round the rock we were sitting behind – there they were. This set idiot brother off again.  So we were but back on our leads for the rest of the walk along the edge (I gave idiot brother  a nip on his ankle just to show how annoyed I was with him).  Once we came down from the Edge heading back to the car we were allowed off the lead again. We finished the walk reasonably early so we took mistress to the Chatsworth Farm Shop for some retail therapy.

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