A trip down town – Smudge

Smudge in the car at our peak district cottages

Me in THE CAR -

Spring has at last arrived here at our cottages (click here).  Even Mistress seems more cheerful. I was treated to a trip down town with her today (peace and quite away from idiot brother).  There are  only a few problems with going down town: having to go in the car and having to be on a lead.  The lead bit is not too bad although I do keep forgetting what I am supposed to do but the CAR.  I do hate having to go in the car.  Mistress says its because I was sometimes sick in the car when I was a puppy but I think they are just noisy horrible things.

Town as always was interesting. Lots of other dogs to chat to and interesting things to investigate.  In general I am allowed in the shops  (apart from the food shops – unfortunately) as Bakewell seems to be a dog friendly town (unlike some).  The butchers is the worst shop we go to.  I have to sit outside staring at all that meat.  I am sure I could help them clean up every now and then.  At the supermarket I am left in charge of the shopping which can be difficult (don’t remind mistress about the sausage roll – she has never forgiven me).  The bank is fine we stand in the queue where I usually attract some attention from the other shoppers.

On the way back to the car we have to pass all the ducks and geese down by the river.  This is also a bit hard on me. It’s in a collies nature to round things up but I know I am supposed to behave when I am on a lead.

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