A traumatic day – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me amongst some of the floor coverings

What a day!  In fact what a week!  Mistress’s laundry area is nearing completion so it is the last push to get everything finished before Master starts work on our (click here) (again). Although we have had numerous people in and our doing things today was the worst. Last week we seemed to be dashing off over to the kitchen suppliers or electrical wholesalers every few hours. First we would need another cabinet door, then the electrician would need another thingy. So off me and Master would zip to get the required bit only to find when we go back that someone else needed something else.  I wasn’t complaining as it meant I could go out in the car. Great Fun.

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me just wandering through to see how things were going

Today was however a bad day. Loads of people all over the place (getting in our way) and worse still they turned all the electricity off for most of the day. Now in general I am not a timid dog but I do hate it when the electricity goes off and master’s computer things start beeping and generally getting angry. Smudge of course is just a basket case. He just can’t cope at all. Me  – I decided the best place to be was outside away from the general mayhem.

The Laundry area at our peak district cottages

The new Laundry area

That was OK till just after lunch time when it started to rain. So I decided I would spent the afternoon in the garage – far warmer and a safer spot than the house. Smudge just trailed around after mistress looking very sorry for himself.  Luckily the lights and everything came back on at about 3 pm so I decided I would see if it was safe to go back in doors.  It was and I settled into my favourite spot to watch master clearing up all the rubbish left over from the electricians etc. By 5 pm it was all back to normal and we now have light and heating in our en suite and Mistress has lights and power in her laundry. in fact she is now starting to use it although it still isn’t fully finished.

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