A stop-go-stop walk – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me trying to see what Mistress is looking at

Well it has all been activity at our (click here). Master is hard at work putting new carpets down in loads of the cottages and Mistress is busy washing curtains and generally spring cleaning the cottages. No one seem to have much time for us. I try to help were I can, but do try and remember my new years resolution of ‘not getting in the way’. Smudge doesn’t seem to worry too much as it gives him an excuse to curl up and go to sleep.

Anyhow Sunday it was decided, as it was a nice day, we would go for a walk over on Stanton Moor. We have been before, but it was quite some time ago. We started from Rowsley then went up to the Moor via Stanton on Peak. Luckily there were none of those vicious sheep or cows lurking in any of the fields so it was a reasonably worry free walk.  The funniest part was when walking up one of the steep  section of road mistress found that she was walking on ice. (Now I need to tell you that mistress is terrified of slipping – I think she broke an arm when she was a puppy).

A view from Stanto near our pet friendly holiday cottages

A view towards Haddon Hall and Bakewell

To all our amazement, rather than slowly walk off the ice (as master did) she got down on all fours (just like us) and crawled off the ice.  The disappointing thing is that master was laughing so much he forgot to take a photo. One of the problems with this walk is that apparently you get spectacular views towards Bakewell and Haddon Hall. You can also see where we live on the far hillside.  So of course mistress had to stop every few minutes. Why? I have no idea!  But it did give us some time to put some serious crow chasing time in. The walk although relatively short took us hours.

Smudge and blue near our peak district cottages

Us at the Nine Ladies STONES

Smudge nearly got into trouble when we got to the Nine Ladies Standing Stones (a listed monument).  They just looked like stones to us so Smudge went to do what any dog would do. Master stopped him and gave him a good telling off but we are still not altogether sure why. We stopped for lunch (or they stopped for lunch) near the Standing Stones where we at least got a few tidbits. The walk back down was uneventful and mistress didn’t have to imitate us at any point (two legs good four legs better). We then got left in the car while mistress went off to do some retail therapy at the Peak Village outlet centre (where we had parked).

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