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blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Why Me?

Sunday was a bit miserable at our peak district cottages. Saturday had been a beautiful day, but master and mistress were working in the garden. Anyhow they had promised us a walk on Sunday. But when they at last got up, it was a horribly murky day. Now although I was keen to get out, everyone else (including Smudge) thought it was best to stay at home. So it was decided we wouldn’t go out. Ha! Anyway I settled down for a peaceful day in. Smudge curled up in his favourite spot, master got on with some work and we thought that was it for the day. Then suddenly after lunch it was announced  that we were going out. I don’t remember being any part of this discussion and Smudge certainly wasn’t (he was asleep as normal). I should have known as soon as the short leads came out that something terrible was about to happen. Smudge wanted to stay at home but I thought we were going somewhere interesting (will I never learn). It was announced we were going to Chatsworth. That sounded good as there are lots of walks at Chatsworth. Then the most terrifying words to a dog’s ears were heard – ‘Christmas Shopping’. We were going to Chatsworth to go ‘CHRISTMAS SHOPPING’. Apparently there was a Christmas Fair on. Wow! Who cares! Go if you must but please please leave me at home. But – oh no we were dragged along.

christmas market at Chatsworth house

Christmas Shopping!!!!

Mistress seemed to enjoy it. Master looked as bored as I was. Smudge on the other hand seemed to think Christmas had arrived early. There were lots of food stalls so he was pulling here, there and everywhere to get to the food (someday I must try the old carrot in front of his nose trick and see what happens). Of course with that many food stalls there were lots of scraps left on the floor so Smudge was in heaven. Master got very annoyed with him.

Luckily we went late in the afternoon so it was a lot quieter than it would have been during the day. Even so it was very busy. What is it with people and shopping. I just don’t get the attraction. What is wrong with a nice walk up on the moors. Far more interesting. Of course mistress had to stop for a hot chocolate so we had to hang around while she drank it. Nothing for us (or master) of course. Then there was more SHOPPING. Luckily the entire experience only lasted a couple of hours before we could go home. I have learned my lesson. I am keeping well out of the way till after Christmas!


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