A Rambling we will go – Blue

Blue in Cavedale

Me in Cavedale with Peveril Castle in the background -

Yippee another walk. This time up at Castleton (about 20-30 mins from our Bolehill Farm Peak District Cottages).  For once we were off bright and early.  Well at least before Smudge’s morning nap. We parked in Castleton then headed up towards the Caves.  As usual mistress kept stopping to ‘admire the view’ every few minutes.  At each of the caves we got plenty of attention from people waiting to go into the caves.  I put on my usual ‘I am a cute dog’ look which always seems to work.  Smudge just wandered around as usual.  After the caves we headed up hill to the top of Winnets Pass then across the moors to the top of Cavedale where we stopped for lunch.  Now I am not in general a grumbling dog (Smudge is but not me) but I am getting a bit fed up with just water when Master and Mistress get sandwiches and cake etc.  Why can’t they pack lunch for us?  I must talk to the RSPCA to see if this constitutes cruelty.  After lunch we headed down Cavedale.  This was fun until we came across some vicious looking sheep.  Luckily I managed to skirt round them without them noticing me.  Again mistress kept stopping to ‘admire the view’.  Something about Peveril Castle – it looked like a bunch of rocks to me.  After scrambling down Cavedale (mistress was a bit slow) we got to the bottom and into Castleton.  Then some bright spark suggested we go and have a look around Peveril Castle. So back up hill again.  Both Smudge and me were just hoping they wouldn’t allow dogs in so we could wait at the bottom.  No such luck. So we had to climb all the way up to the castle.  To get into the keep we had to go up a  spiral staircase which Smudge didn’t like at all.  I couldn’t see the problem myself  but you know Smudge. After wandering around the castle for 30 mins or so we were allowed to go back down. Then a quick afternoon tea for master and mistress and back to our peak district cottages.

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